Malakula Bag - Hand Woven in Vanuatu

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A lightweight, practical small-medium Shopping Bag - hand crafted in Vanuatu by The Woven Club.

〰️ Vanuatu’s first Export of Luxe Handicrafts to the Australian Market
〰️  Small Batches
〰️  Women in business
〰️  Supporting local Villages in COVID impacted Vanuatu

These beautiful bags are handwoven by Mamas’ (Mama = Women) of the Islands of Vanuatu - they are mostly crafted from the leaves of the Pandanus Palm, found locally on the island.

It can take from 1 week to 1 month to prepare the Pandanus Leaf for the weaving process - resulting in a very durable and sustainable product supporting local communities. 

Material:  Pandanus Leaf 
Colour: Natural
Size: 34w x 29h x 15d