Mansted is a personal knitwear collection designed and developed by charlotte mansted. the brand was created in 2002, and the two annual collections : spring/summer & autumn/winter are currently sold in denmark, sweden, norway, finland, poland, germany, holland, belgium, canada & usa......and now AUSTRALIA!

Yarns are as pure as they can get them, or a mix of pure qualities, in cotton, linen/hemp, wool & yak.   They strive to have qualities that feel soft to the skin.


They love to experiment with new shapes like batwing, ponchos and oversize tops; and they try on their knitwear many times, to assure that shapes are flattering & feminine.

finish & edges

the knitwear pieces are linked together, actually knit together, stitching into each stitch. this produces a very flat finish, not bulky, with hardly any seam allowance. unique to knitwear are the many special edges you can create.

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