Ladli Collection

The Ladli label prides itself on providing responsibly sourced, high quality hand finished clothing at a reasonable price.
Ladli designer Ermalinda searches villages and communities globally to directly source the very best materials and local skills to produce exquisite and unique clothing for the Ladli label. This means that you are purchasing a beautiful quality clothing item which has been lovingly and skilfully crafted to endure many seasons.
True beauty comes from within and it's hard not to feel beautiful when you are wearing a Ladli design. The pieces are unique, flattering and they look and feel so luxurious.
'Ladli' is a word used in India to praise a small child, to refer to a child as beautiful or lovely. It is a gesture of love. Ladli is fashion with a conscience and those who are familiar with the label will agree, you will love wearing your Ladli originals.

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