My Clothes Love Story

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Oh how I love clothes.  I always have.  Ever since I was  a little girl dressing my Barbie Dolls and making clothes for them.  My mum introduced me to fabrics early on and passed on to me, a love for beautiful natural fibres and quality fabrics.  She also taught me to sew.  Add all of this together and I was sewing my own clothes at high school and dreaming of a career in Fashion Design.  Clothes to me were (and still are) a way to express yourself.  A creative outlet.  A chance to be individual...or not.  

I am also passionate about fashion being ethical and sustainable. I'm passionate about everyone being more mindful of the impacts of our shopping habits and the way we care for clothing. I'm passionate about helping people make ethical choices.  About empowering women to wear clothes they love, and clothes that will make them feel good.  Where our sense of value is not defined by the latest trends, but by the beautiful stories behind our clothes.  

This is one of my clothes love stories....
I made this dress for my year 12 formal 30 years ago.  I loved it!  The fabric was bought during a trip to Brisbane and I made the dress from start to finish.  This dress was also my sample garment that I presented when I applied for Fashion Design College.  I remember how I learned how to sew a rolled hem for the skirt, how I hand stitched the rosette flower.  How my mum burnt the back panel of velvet while "helping" me and I had to have more fabric sent from Brisbane at the last minute.  I still have this dress. It has travelled with me from state to state over the past 30 years. I also still have the mannequin that I used to make it on.  It's in the shop and has also travelled all over the country with me.   I love the memories this dress conjures up and the emotions it evokes in me.  

I have plenty of other clothes love stories as well.  How about you? 
What are the beautiful stories behind your clothes?
As Joan says, care for the clothes like the good friends they are
and you'll have plenty of love stories to tell too!


  • Do you know when you will be receiving new season linen shirts and long pants please?

    Kate on

  • Michelle what a stunning dress! I like the beautiful warm rich colour and the richness of the velvet. I am impressed with the detailing on the bodice and the skirt.I am quite sure you were the ‘belle of the ball’ in that gown.
    I too used to sew some of my clothing as a teenager and recall making a couple of evening dresses using Thai silk which was fashionable at the time and one of them had a rosette at the waist! The second one was a deep fuschia short dress that I wore to my 21st birthday party.
    You clearly knew what career you wanted to pursue quite early in your life. You followed your dream.
    I thank you for the lovely clothing you sell in your shop.
    Stay well.

    Sue On 20th May 2020 on

  • Michelle what a gorgeous dress and a lovely memory for you.
    Miss calling in as I pass by.
    Hope to see you soon
    Stay safe

    Helen on

  • Yes, you should be proud of that dress as I am proud of you making it. I remember you learning to sew “long distance” with you at one end of the phone and me the other asking me what to do next. It would be school holidays with me at work in my fabric shop and you at home doing what you loved best. I would get the dress pattern out of the filing cabinet and ask what were you up to and then explain how to do the next part. I have another one of your creations you made for the school prom and I cant part with it.

    Margaret on

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