Brooklyn Skinny Leg Merino Jeans


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MERINO DENIM™ is softer and warmer than regular denim. The Brooklyn is made from Toorallie's new mid-weight merino denim fabric which also offers more stretch.  These babies feel firm at first, but give them some time to warm up and they will melt with your body's natural curves.  

Not as heavy as the Bendigo and Portland Jeans with a lower wool content.

Woven from 14% Merino Wool, 85% Denim-Cotton and 1% Elastane. This garment is machine washable.

Michelle's Fit Tips:  These jeans are not as "thick" as the Bendigo and Portland Merino Denim.  There's also more stretch.  When you first wear them they do feel snug.  But give them time.  They will melt to your body shape.  A skinny fit.